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Crystal-Anne Leblanc

A Success Story – Crystal-Anne Leblanc

Going from not graduating high school to being a VON nurse can be a lengthy and difficult journey. For Crystal-Anne Leblanc, it was a life changing experience that she wouldn’t trade for anything. Crystal is certain that a visit to Futureworx in 1998 was the beginning of a journey that would lead to drastic life changes that would result in a better life for her and her children.

“I started as a single mother of two and then three, on welfare, to a successful nurse, wife and mother of four,” explains Crystal. My three main goals were to have a good job, to buy a house and to buy a new car and I’m proud to say I’ve achieved them all.”After first visiting Futureworx in Elmsdale, Crystal began a program of academic upgrading, where she received her grade 12 equivalent. After that, she became involved in a program at Futureworx that encompassed several skills including portfolio development, proposal writing, communication skills, leadership training and many other aspects.

“Thanks to the expertise of the staff at Futureworx, I landed my first job in 2002 working as a pottery studio assistant,” said Crystal.

However, she wasn’t done there.

“I knew I wanted more out of life, so in 2007 I applied for the practical nursing course at the Nova Scotia Community College. However, I came to find out that they had stopped accepting the grade 12 equivalent that I had for enrollment. With help from Barb Hopkins at Futureworx, I enrolled at the Adult High School, completed my grade 12 and then applied for the nursing course at the NSCC. I graduated with honours and I’m now a VON nurse!”

Crystal is certain that she would not have been able to do what she did without the help and support of Futureworx and its staff.

“Determination is good, but having the right tools, materials and resources allowed me to succeed,” she explains. “I would not have gotten where I am today without Futureworx.”

Crystal with her family

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