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Phil Moxsom

A Success Story – Phil Moxsom

Darren Schriver, Owner and Operator of Foodland in Stewiacke, first became acquainted with Futureworx when using the services to post a job advertisement. Darren was in need of a Meat Cutter and was looking for someone to quickly fill the vacancy.

The job advertisement was circulated to clients by staff of Futureworx Job Search Centre in Elmsdale.  One of the case managers provided Darren with information regarding the START program and also recommended a client who would be a well-suited candidate for the position.

Phil Moxsom had been a self-employed farmer and butcher shop owner/operator for a combined 35 years before selling his business.  He was now actively looking for full time employment.   The Case Manager contacted Phil and told him of the position and the START program.

Although Phil had many years of experience in the abattoir industry and acquired many transferable skills, meat cutting is a separate trade and one which requires commitment from an employer to provide adequate training. Foodland applied and was approved for the START program to hire Phil, who was also approved for funding.  The employer was very pleased with the client’s resume and skill sets, as well as his desire to learn new skills while bringing his current knowledge to the position.

The client was offered the position and continues to work for Foodland.

“I enjoy the work and have become really good at it,” says Phil

Meat Cutting is a specialized trade which requires extensive training and resources to provide this training. The START program was an ideal fit for the Darren, as it allowed him to quickly hire a hardworking and reliable individual and receive financial support to provide training

“It has been an amazing process,” says Darren. “The START Program really gives you time to work with an individual to provide proper training”.

The START program was also an ideal fit for Phil, as it provided him with the opportunity to learn new skills.

“I did not have the confidence to apply for jobs I hadn’t done in the past” Phil states. “The START Program allowed me an opportunity to learn new skills and talents for the trade”.

Phil Moxsom and Darren Schriver 


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