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Programs and Services

Futureworx Work Centre Truro

We assist individuals age 16 and over who are experiencing challenges to securing or maintaining employment.  Our programs offer a unique, holistic approach to training that combines technical, essential and employability skills.

Participants take part in three program areas:

Personal Development - a workshop series to enhance personal and professional skill development.

Essential Skills/ Academic Upgrading - based on an individualized plan which focuses on each participant's goals and learning needs.

Vocational Programs include:

Hospitality/Food Services - an introduction to cooking, baking, cash handling and customer service skills.

Environmental Services - an introduction to commercial cleaning and building maintenance.

Continuing Care Assistant Training Program - prepares trainees for entry level work in the health care sector.

Work placements in the community are arranged when participants are ready to use their new skills and receive additional on the job experience.

A training allowance is paid to all program participants.

Call (902) 895-2837 to learn more or to register for an information session.

Nova Scotia Works Centre Elmsdale

We offer job search assistance and related employment workshops to residents of East Hants and surrounding areas.   Contact: 902-883-7010

Nova Scotia Works Centre Truro

We offer job search assistance and related employment workshops to residents of Truro and surrounding areas.  Contact: 902-893-6859

Futureworx Development Centre Truro

The Development Centre provides Continuing Education, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL); and a variety of Certificate Courses for non-certified frontline care providers who are aiming to gain provincial CCA Certification. It is also able to accommodate or arrange customized training requests from employers. For further information please contact the Centre at 902-895-8339 or our Head Office at 902-843-4290. 

Training Programs

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) – a 30-hour facilitator led program spread over 10 weeks to assist individuals in identifying, organizing, and describing their lifelong learning experiences which can then be used as a formal document to prove one’s skills and competencies.

Highway to Work – provides three weeks of employability training and industry specific certifications for entry level highway construction positions.  The next program offering is expected for March 2014.  This program is of no cost to the participant and participants may be eligible to receive a training allowance.

Youthworx - This 20-week program is designed to help youth overcome their barriers to employment through participation in group-based life-skill and employability workshops. This program is intended to be a pre-employment program delivered in a workshop setting which offers participants the opportunity to acquire employability skills to transfer to the workplace, such as team work, communication, and personal development skills including self-esteem and self-reliance. In addition, it provides increased self management skills that are essential in the development of a successful career path which may entail further education or training.   There is no cost to participants for this program and participants may be eligible to receive a training allowance.

Lifeworx – This 22-week program is designed to assist older workers (Ages 55+)  in preparing for employment and/or self-employment  or re-entering the labour force.  This program highlights “The Age Advantage:  Transition Program for Older Workers”.  Participants are given the opportunity to enhance their job search and employability skills, computer skills, and a six-week work placement with local employers.  This program is of no cost to the participant and participants may be eligible to receive a training allowance.

Environmental Services Technician (EST) - This six month EST program prepares the individual to work in a wide variety of sectors providing environmental cleaning and infection control services.  Much more than janitorial, ESTs work as part of the service delivery team to ensure a comfortable, safe workplace for both coworkers and customers.  The EST program can be taken in its general form which targets employment in the education and business sectors, or in its Health form which prepares the EST for work in long term and acute care facilities. Futureworx offers EST training in a full time program, and is developing a certification process for existing environmental service workers that will recognize their prior learning and experience.

Hotel Multi-Disciplinary Services Workers (HMSW) – This six month Futureworx program prepares individuals to enter a growing tourism industry.  It provides entry level full-time instruction in environmental services, food services, and customer service for this growing sector.

Connex - Developed in partnership with Caseworkers from DCS, Connex is a series of assessment and employment preparation programs aimed at providing Employment Support and Income Assistance recipients with supports, knowledge and opportunities that result in employment. The program offers career exploration and enhanced job search strategies, along with essential skill and employability assessment. A job placement compenent is usually included. 

Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) Program – Please see our CCA page 

We offer short and long term customized programs for individuals looking to upgrade their skills and for employers looking to up-skill their existing workforce.

Futureworx offers short-term (30 +hours) and longer-term (six-month +) training programs to assist unemployed individuals who have had difficulty successfully participating in today’s labour force. We offer a unique-holistic approach which focuses on the employability skills employers seek, as well as the essential skills required for today’s job market and provide industry specific training certifications. Our programs have been designed in consultation with employers and industry sectors which ensure graduates have the most current training available as well as provide inside access to a large network of potential employment opportunities. Most of our training programs are offered at no cost to the individual or at a very minimal cost with training allowances or wage subsidies provided. For more information, please contact: 902-843-4290

All Futureworx programs make use of ESAT to assess, develop and track employabilty skills.  This service can be added to your training or HR programs as well:

The Employability Skills Assessment Tool (ESAT) provides a framework and quantitative assessment methodology for the development of nine employability skills: motivation, attitude, accountability, time management, stress management, presentation, teamwork, adaptability and confidence. Through the collection of behavioural observations, learner self assessments, and staff assessments, training programs that use the ESAT methodology can gain insights in a learner’s behavioural barriers to employment then work with them to develop different behavioural strategies that are more aligned to the needs and expectations of the workplace.

The ESAT provides web based access to case management, self assessment and staff assessment functions all based on a consistent set of definitions and exemplars to ensure a common understanding of employability requirements exists between learners and all staff. Through the provision of honest, consistent, timely, and respectful feedback, behaviour change is possible.

The ESAT can be used in programs as short as three weeks where the aim is to create awareness of employability expectations, to longer programs of six months or more where real behavioural change can be achieved. It can be applied in any training or educational setting where the development of these nine key employability skills is relevant to the long term success of the learner.

If you are interested in learning more about the ESAT, please contact Futureworx by calling (902) 843-4290. Two day training packages are also available, providing accreditation as an ESAT assessor and practical supports on how to use the ESAT to effectively remove barriers to employment.



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